Hyde, Humphrey (abt. 1620-1684) – Fairfield, CT

Humphrey Hide (Hyde) and his family came from England and settled in Fairfield, Connecticut, about 1640. He married Ann Ripley, and their children (second generation) were John I, Sarah and Hannah.


John Hyde I was born in Windsor, CT in 1642, came to Fairfield, Connecticut, with his father. John Hyde I was a farmer and married Elizabeth Harvey, who was born July 25, 1644, a daughter of Richard Harvey. John I and Elizabeth’s children (third generation) were John II, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary. John Hyde I died November 1, 1689.


John Hyde II was born on 01 May 1668 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT. Deacon John died 5 Nov. 1744, Greenfield, CT. His wife Rachel Rumsey was born October 6, 1671 in Farifield and died June, 1738 in Greenfield, CT. John Hyde II’s will 25 Oct. 1744 proved John II and Rachel’s sons were John III, Daniel I, and Joseph I (1710-1710); daughters were Damaris Whitlock, Sarah widow of Jonathan Fanton, Elizabeth wife of John Bell, Hannah wife of Joseph Burr, Mary, Rachel, Abigail wife of Jonathan Mallery(Mallory).


John Hyde III and also Deacon, married (1) 22 April 1718 Rachel Holmes who died 30 Sept 1736 and married (2) 22 March 1737 Abigail (Silliman) widow of David Adams. The children of John III and Rachel were John IV, Mary, Joseph, and Rachel.  John III died in January 1761.


Daniel Hyde I was born at Greenfield, Connecticut, March 31, 1700. He was a captain by occupation, and married Deborah Perry, daughter of Arthur and Anna (Judson) Perry, born 29 March 1697/98 and died 17 February, 1754. Their children (fifth generation) were Nehemiah, Eliakim, Daniel II, Abijah, Deborah, John, Elihu, Martha and Eunice.



John III, Daniel I and the other descendants represent the continuation of Humphrey’s family line. We are searching for researchers who descend from this group of children to share research in the development of a complete family tree for each of the children and their ancestors.  We will post links to each of the family trees in this location based on the proven research contributions made by everyone participating in this endeavor.  Our goal is to identify a complete history of the family trees including lines currently documented and those that currently are incomplete.


Please consider joining and participating in our DNA project. Even if you know you family tree, providing your DNA to the database can be of great assistance to other researchers. Your DNA can also assist in documenting early connections where records are scarce and DNA matches could be used to establish links.


We look forward to your participation.


If you descend from these lines, please leave a reply.


  • Good Evening,
    I have discovered I am a Humphrey Hyde descendant through his son John I,> John II, > Daniel I, > Elihu who married Sarah Wheeler, > Joel Hyde who married Eunice Hall, Hannah Hyde who married Levi Abrams (a veteran of the 1812 war), > Julia Ann Abrams m. Gillman Wiley of Wisconsin, > Gillman Wiley m. Eleanor Wardwell, > Julia Wiley m. John Schoff, > Eleanor Schoff m. Robert Mundell, Eleanor Mundell m. Andrew B. Williamson (these were my parents.) I have more information: birth and death dates and places and some marriage dates if your are interested.

  • Re: Captain Daniel Hyde, born 1700 in Greenfield Hill, CT – Please note that he married Deborah Perry, not Deborah Beadsley. Her grave marker is in Huntington, CT and notes her marriage to Capt. Daniel Hide whose grave marker is next to hers but broken off. I have a photo of it that I can send you. My late husband was descended: Humphrey Hyde (Ann Ripley) > John (Elizabeth Harvey) > John II (Rachel Rumsey) > Captain Daniel (Deborah Perry) > Nehemiah (Esther Clarke)> Agur (Sarah Oles) > Julia A. Hyde (Charles E. Brooks) > Sarah Brooks (Horace Chase) > Minnie Lorena Chase (Francis Stephen Hollis) > William A. Hollis, Sr. (Lourine Clarissa Kunz > my husband, William A. Hollis, Jr. Thanks. Jane Hollis

  • Jane, we corrected Daniel’s wife’s name, as the information about “Deborah Beadsley” came from a single source, “Biographical History of Northeastern Ohio, Embracing the Counties of Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning” Lewis Publishing, 1893. All other sources, including the resources of the local historical society for Oxford, New Haven, CT, and the Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, vols 3-4, confirm that Perry is correct. Thank you for sharing your information with us and pointing out the error, this is greatly appreciated. —Ann, co-editor, HGA

    • I live in Belgium, and a few months ago I adopted the grave of soldier Clarence Hyde, who died November 1,1918 during WW1. He is buried in The Flanders Field American Cemetery in Waregem,BE.
      George Washington Hyde (the father of Clarence) had a brother called Clinton Monroe Hyde. They all lived in Warren, Ohio.
      Eli Hyde ( the grandfather of ‘George Washington’ and ‘Clinton Monroe’ Hyde ) was married with Hannah Porter.
      Today I found next registration via “U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970″:
      **Hannah Porter married at Little Falls, NY Eli Hyde son of Elihu Hyde and Sarah (Wheeler)Hyde. Elihu is a descendant of Humphrey Hyde (died 1684),an early settler of Fairfield,Conn.**

      I was surprised that I found today ‘Elihu Hyde’in the information on this site.
      Via ancestry.com I found the relationship between Elihu Hyde (+ Sarah Wheeler) > Daniel Hyde > John Deacon Hyde ( of Hide ).
      Did I found a further branch of the family Hyde in Warren, Ohio?

      • Bob, Thank you for your post. We are grateful for your adoption of Clarence Hyde born 1894. The information that you have gathered from Ancestry is correct for Clarence. He is a Descendant of Humphrey Hyde through Captain Daniel Hyde. If you search Family Trees on Ancestry you will find several trees that include his information and trace his ancestry to Humphrey. I am sure that any of these ancestors of Clarence who have family trees would be grateful for any information that you might send to them. I would suggest that you make contact with them for mutual sharing.
        Again, thank you for sharing and adopting Clarence.
        Edwin Hyde

  • I am a descendant of Humphrey Hyde through John I, John II and his daughter Sarah, who married Johnathan Fanton. I am very interested in research on the Hyde line in England. I am a member of Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, New England Women and the DAR.

  • Hi:

    I descend from Sarah Hide and Jonathan Fanton. I am very interested in learning more about the ancestry of the original Humphrey and Ann Hide who came from England to Connecticut.

    • Beth, Thank you for your post. I have researched Humphrey’s family tree for many years. To respond to your post I have been revisiting Google books that I have collected in hopes there was a reference I could provide to you that recounts Humphrey’s life and marriage. I have not found a reference like this. If you Google Humphrey, there are several sites that chronicle Humphrey’s father and ancestry.
      If there are any specific questions that I can research and respond I will be most pleased to do so.
      Sorry that I can’t be more specific.
      I would recommend posting a comment to Marylyn Sigler who posted above your post. She may have information that fits your request.
      Best Regards,
      Edwin Hyde

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